Smart Cities and Internet of Everything

Alan Morrison, PwC

Alan Morrison, PwC

According to Alan Morrison of PwC’s Center for Technology and Innovation, “The Internet of Things should become a much richer phenomenon, an internet of not just connected things, but a collaboration environment where machines as well as humans can interact, at scale.”

Alan argues that the collaboration environment hasn’t emerged as yet because validated transaction, process management and intelligence capabilities haven’t been in place. But there is an opportunity for these things to emerge as blockchain and smart contracts create a more governed and transactional internet.

Alan will be joining our Citizen2020 Conversations Workshop on Thursday, Nov 17 to chat about these emerging opportunities and how city government might embrace the Internet of Everything.


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  • Connected cities will be here sooner than we think. I am intrigued about the possibility of smart roads and highways that will monitor and alert medical response on traffic incidents.