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The Digital City-State? A Workshop. San Francisco.

“Today, numerous cities have substantially more economic weight, international connectivity, and diplomatic influence on the world stage than dozens of nations. The rise of cities as transnational actors is thus driven not only by urbanization and globalization, but also a third nearly irreversible phenomenon: devolution.”

Michele Acuto and Parag Khanna: The Return of the City State, Quartz

Our second Citizen2020 workshop will take place in the wonderful global city that is San Francisco. It will be held on the morning of November 17, 2016 at a fabulous venue in the SoMa district of San Francisco. We’ll kick off at 10am with coffee and cookies.

At the heart of our discussion will be how the cities of the future might emerge as they clamor for more power and self-determination; the challenges that will arise as devolution advances and cities become more dependent on technology to be able to function.

We will look at how cities are building better means of engaging with citizens, better analytics and more community focused channels.

Speakers include:

Including presentations from city-thinkers, policy analysts, technologists, futurists and planners, all of the presentations and discussions will be video-recorded and featured here on Citizen2020.

If you would like to participate, please complete the form below. (Please note we’re no longer accepting speaking submissions).  


By Jeffrey Peel

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